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Create a New User Account and Register

Click on the LiveAuction.TV image above to get your Username and Password, and login to become a registered bidder and obtain a buyer number.

  • Click on the LiveAuction.TV image above

  • Click on "Create a New User" and fill in your buyer details

  • Confirm your LiveAuction.TV account by selecting the link sent to your email address

  • Log in to your new LiveAuction.TV account and register for a buyer number to access bidding

To Register for a Buyer Number:

Please log into the auction (click on the LiveAuction.TV image above), then select "Reqister for a Buyer Number" in the top right corner. Once registering, you will go to “pending approval”.

Starting the 29th of May, a LiveAuctions.TV employee will be contacting you to gather further information. Those “pending approval” we will need a credit card on file in order to be approved. If you haven't received a phone call by Thursday June 1st, please contact Margo @ 1.937.515.1194.

Online bidders will be able to register for a buyer number until the morning of June 3rd. If you are not approved

by the start of the auction, you will need to make other arrangements to bid.

We do welcome this new technology but, encourage your attendance at the auction location for the full benefit of the auction experience.

Online purchases will be shipped via UPS or USPS as their services will be on site day of the auction. Winning bids must be paid in full immediately following the conclusion of the auction to Ron Stricker's Auction Company, once all the items are paid in full you will receive a emailed receipt showing you are paid in full.  Forward your receipt to and they will issue a quote for shipment of your items. Any and  All shipping will be paid by the buyer.  We look forward to the presents of the UPS store as it will simplify the process to promptly ship your merchandise. Thank you for your business and we hope you get the items you are wanting from the collection.  Thanks Ron Stricker Auctioneer

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